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Rajinikanth is Back!!

1) Recently China airports were closed due to heavy fog. Later it was discovered that Rajinikanth was smoking in India!
2) Rajinikanth did his KG from seven different places…today those places are known as IITs!
3) Government of India pays tax to Rajinikanth for living in India!
4) Definition of a solar eclipse: When Rajinikanth stares at sun with anger, sun hides behind the moon. This great phenomenon is called Solar Eclipse!
5) Rajinikanth woke up one day and decided he should share at least one percent of his knowledge with the world. Thus…Google was born!
6) Why do earthquakes occur? Because at that time Rajinikanth’s mobile is on vibration mode!
7) Once Rajinikanth bunked a whole day in school… Since then that day is known as…Sunday!
8) The pyramids in Egypt are actually Rajinikanths primary school craft projects!
9) Why did Rajinikanth buy an acre of land with 4 wells on each corner? Because he wanted to play Carom!
10) Before Tom Cruise, Rajinikanth was approached for the movie Mission Impossible, but Rajinikanth refused as he found the title insulting!


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user1 on 2014-05-14 at 06:07 am

1) Once Rajnikanth was walking on the highway, he was caught for over speeding

2) The only thing that runs faster and longer than Rajnikanth are his films.

3) Rajnikanth knows Victoria’s secret.

4) Rajinikanth was preparing for a spelling test, the rough sheet he used is known as Oxford Dictionary.

5) Rajinikanth has already been to Mars, that’s why there are no signs of life there.
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yamaha on 2014-05-14 at 08:02 pm

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